Lee Richmond

Lee Richmond is an multi-disciplinary artist who has exhibited internationally and is a member of the The Paperdolls Collective. Her work was represented in the U.S. by La Familia Gallery and is in the permanent collections of the Fuller Museum in Brockton, MA and the Museo de la Ciudad, Mexico. Learn more about Lee’ latest work.

Animal Life (Selected Works)

  • Image of “Camp Kitch”
  • Image of “Camp Canoe”
  • Image of “Camper Van Sun”
  • Image of “Rabbit Attends P.S. 1”
  • Image of “Rabbit Attends P.S. 2”
  • Image of “Rabbit Attends P.S. 3”
  • Image of “At the Fair”
  • Image of “Parkdale Cattle Call”

Read the artist’s statement for this series.